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I have been taking pictures since I was a child. I’ve always had a camera and I was "scrapbooking" my images before scrapbooking was scrapbooking. When I'm not shooting for commercial or editorial clients, I like to capture scenes and objects just as I find them. Most of the images on this site were made “on the fly” or "from the hip" with available light, and no more equipment than the camera itself.  I'm often shooting out of a car window, while walking along or from a moving boat if I see something that makes an interesting image. I'm drawn to capture colors, natural or found composition, interesting angles or lines, light or an overall scene that interests me. In addition to sharing my images and providing digital content, I write and have authored several articles as well as a guidebook, available on iTunes.  


To discuss an assignment or content, drop me an e-mail.